‘Get away from us!’ – AEW star Chris Jericho slams WWE

Chris Jericho has taken another shot at WWE and claimed that they moved NXT to Wednesday’s to mess with All Elite Wrestling’s weekly show, AEW Dynamite. The AEW star was talking on the Busted Open radio when he spoke about the ‘war’ between the two shows airing on the same day. He said:

“We know the reason why NXT was moved to Wednesday nights. To mess with us. We get it. We pay attention to what we are doing. We don’t care what they’re doing, and we have no interest in it. If you watch us, you get the ratings, where we beat them week after week. We beat them in the demos where people think it’s jokes. The only thing that matters is the TV networks and advertisers that listed the 18-49 demo. Look it up. We win every week.”

“They should retreat. They should move to any other night. Get away from us! You guys got a great program, and it’s good; why would you want to sacrifice your own ratings just to be spiteful and petty to go head to head with AEW? We’re not going anywhere and put on anything you want – we’ll continue to beat you.” [H/T WrestlingInc for the Chris Jericho quotes]

AEW and NXT have aired on different days this week, and the result has been positive for both companies. Some rumours suggest that WWE might move NXT to Tuesdays permanently soon. 

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