Todd Boehly breaks silence on Chelsea project

Chelsea co-owner Todd Boehly has asked the fans for patience as he confirms they are with the current project

Boehly was at the Qatar Economic Conference when he was quizzed about Chelsea. He claimed that the project is similar to what he did at LA Dodgers and that patience is essential at this moment. 

The US businessman recalled finishing 15th and 25th in the MLB season soon after taking over in 2013. He believes they are going through a similar phase with Chelsea and said via Ben Jacobs:

“The number one thing is you have got to be patient. You are putting something together and expecting it come together really quickly, but the reality is anything really good takes a little bit time. Patience was always a thought for us…”

“When we bought the Dodgers in 2013 we started 15 and 25, but we kind of just kept sticking to the plan because we believed the it was right. And we went through a similar thing with Chelsea…”

Boehly went on to state that things are slowly falling into order at Chelsea and the results since Boxing Day are the proof.

He said:

“You have to have the resolve to not hear all the noise around you and remain committed to the plan. And since Boxing Day, we are the fourth best team in the Premier League. When you look at what is going on it now, it feels better and better.”

In 2024, Chelsea have won 8 of their 16 Premier League matches and have collected 29 points – fourth highest in the league but still 19 behind Manchester City, who are yet to lose in 2024.

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