Slavia Prague demand apology from Romelu Lukaku for ‘lying about racist chants’

Slavia Prague have demanded an apology from Romelu Lukaku for lying about racist chants from their fans. The club have revealed that they found no evidence of such chants after analysing all footages.

Lukaku said in an interview after Inter Milan’s 3-1 win that he heard racist chants twice during the game. He demanded action from UEFA against Slavia Prague as the whole stadium was doing it.

However, Slavia Prague have now tweeted out that there was no such incident, The club had initially apologised . to the striker and revealed that they would be looking into the matter.

Their tweet read: “We totally reject [that there was] any racially motivated chanting by the whole stadium. We have analyzed the available shots again and nothing confirms Lukaku’s statement. Just as we apologized for the behaviour of individuals, it would be appropriate for Lukaku to apologize for his words.”

“I said it last time when I was with the national team. UEFA now has to do something about it, because things like this in stadiums is not right. Today it happened twice with me and that is not right with people. We are in 2019, there are many players with many different nationalities in their teams,” Lukaku told Esporte Interativo.

He continued and said “When there are people that for me are bad, at the stadium, that’s not a good example for the kids. I hope that UEFA now do something about it, because the whole stadium did it when Lautaro scored the first goal, and that’s not good for the people watching this game.”

Lukaku has been the subject of racist chants in Italy ever since he joined Inter Milan this summer. Mario Balotelli and other footballers were also the subjects of such chants but the Italian FA has done nothing to stop it.

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