Alexander-Arnold compares Napoli star to Eden Hazard

Napoli news: Liverpool are set to begin their UEFA Champions League defence at Napoli on Wednesday. The Reds faced the Serie A side last season as well but it was in the knockout stages and not the group stage.

Alexander-Arnold was taking to the media ahead of the match and was asked about Lorenzo Insigne – the winger he will be up against in the game. It was the Italian’s goal that gave Napoli a 1-0 win over Liverpool last season.

“Obviously he’s a really good player. He’s someone who really helps them play football, understands the way that they want to play, really encourages the team to play out, able to hit [it to] him and he’ll be able to hold the ball up,” the right-back told media.

“He’s a really tricky player, really strong, fast, quite agile. He’s kind of like Eden Hazard I’d say, that type of player who is tricky to get hold of and mark. Coming up against him is always a tough test but they are the things that you expect in the Champions League,” he added.

Continuing to talk about the winger, Trent said: “He’s a great player, probably a little bit underrated in terms of the respect and the plaudits that he gets, but he’s a real fantastic player. I think his team-mates will say the same and the people that come up against him will say how tricky he is to actually nullify. He’s a good player, they’ve got many a good player and we need to be ready for that.”

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