Racist gesture by Manchester City fan caught on TV

Man City racist fan: A Cityzen was caught on TV doing racist gestures as Fred came to the corner to take a corner. There were a lot of Manchester United players at the spot and thus it is unclear if the gesture was directed towards the Brazilian or another player.

One this that was clear is that the gesture was clearly racist and something Manchester City should be looking at. The ‘fan’ has no excuse as it was crystal clear that it was money gestures directed towards the players on the pitch.

The incident happened in the 2nd half of the Manchester derby as Fred went to take a corner. The midfielder was unable to take the corner as there were objects were being thrown at him.

Images showed lighters on the pitch and one hit Fred on his head. Players from both sides headed towards the corner along with the referee to ask the fans to stop throwing things when the disgusting act was caught on camera.

You can watch the video of the incident below:

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