Former Chelsea striker reveals he was battling cancer

Photo: These Football Times

Former Chelsea striker, Gianluca Vialli has revealed that he has been battling cancer. The Italian is set to release his biography and ahead of that, he’s made this shocking announcement.

“I’m fine now, very well indeed. It’s been a year and I’m back to having a beastly physique, although I still have no certainty of how this match will end.” said Vialli to Corriere della Serra.

The striker hid the issue from his family and friends as well as he did not want to trouble. He said, “I knew it was hard and hard to have to tell others, my family. You would never want to hurt the people who love you: my parents, my brothers and my sister, my wife Cathryn, our little girls Olivia and Sofia. And it takes you as a sense of shame, as if what happened to you was your fault.”

The striker revealed that he used to wear a sweater under his shirt to look the same during his treatment.

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