Fabian Schar SBC – Player Moments solution

Fabian Schar SBC: EA Sports have released a new Squad Builder Challenge on FIFA 20 and this time the player on offer is Fabian Schar. The Newcastle United defender has an 86-rated card and the SBC is easily doable.

For the card, you have complete two simple SBCs.

Premier League SBC requirement

  1. Players from Premier League – 1
  2. IF/TOTW Players – 1
  3. Squad Rating – 83 minimum
  4. Chemistry – 75 minimum

Solution: Cost – 29k

Fabian Schar SBC
Credit: Futbin

85-rated SBC requirement

  1. Squad Rating – 85
  2. Chemistry – 70

Solution cost – 88k

Fabian Schar SBC
Credit: Futbin

The reward is an insane 86 rated card that can link with any Premier League or Swiss player.

Fabian Schar SBC
Fabian Schar SBC

Still wondering if you have to do the Fabian Schar SBC?

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