Champions League Final Penalty Decision: Was it correct?

Liverpool were handed a penalty in the first minute of the Champions League and it got the everyone talking. Sadio Mane was attempting a cross into the ball when it hit Tottenham‘s Moussa Sissoko on the chest and rolled onto his arm.

Best angle of the ‘handball’:

The referee awarded the penalty straight away and the Mo Salah stepped up to take. The call was sent for VAR review and to everyone’s surprise, the decision stood and the Egyptian converted the spot kick to hand Liverpool the lead.

Former Spanish referee, Juan Andujar Oliver believes it was the wrong decision. He told Radio MARCA:

β€œIt’s a mistake on the part of the referee. The ball hits Sissoko’s chest and then his arm. This kind of action isn’t a penalty. It shouldn’t have been a penalty. It’s completely involuntary.”

Our Take: It’s 50/50 and laws need to make things clear

While the ball did hit his chest first and then rolled onto his arm, it was in an unnatural position. VAR did not have enough reasons to overturn the decision and the referee’s decision stood.

Referee’s call would have been final if the penalty was not awarded in the first place as well.

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